Lake Bunyonyi

100s of Bird Species

Enjoy the amazing view, coupled with beautiful scenery

Bwindi National Park

Gorilla view, entertainement and educative

The only place in East Africa and the world with the largest concentration of Gorillas, come enjoy and have fun....

Queen elizabeth National Park

An extraordinary view of variety

An extraordinary view of variety. Tree climbing lions, Elephants, buffalos and more...

We take you

Gorilla breast feeding. Amazing scene


Community and Cultural Safaris

Community and cultural tourism is a form of sustainable tourism that allows visitors or travellers to connect closely with communities they visit. Through this they have identified and developed local capacity to participate meaningfully in Uganda tourism industry. Uganda has got many cultural sites all over the country.Uganda has got 65 tribes, in Uganda to be more specific some include: Read more...






Agri-tourism is defined most broadly and involves agriculturally based operations or activity that brings visitors to farm or ranch.

Agri-tourism which also known agro tourism Uganda is combination of tourism and agriculture its where specific crops are grown on large scale for tourism purposes first and the sold off to earn income and rearing of animals for the same...Read more


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Isyo Safaris

Isyo Safaris has offices in these locations:

Makindye -luwafu road.
Plot 1778/1779, Block 273.
Kampala - Uganda

P.o box 8785 kampala.


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