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Agri-tourism is defined most broadly and involves agriculturally based operations or activity that brings visitors to farm or ranch.

Agri-tourism which also known agro tourism Uganda is combination of tourism and agriculture its where specific crops are grown on large scale for tourism purposes first and the sold off to earn income and rearing of animals for the same. Despite Uganda being well known for wild life, Cultural and community tourism, Agro tourism is fast growing

 Uganda does not have a lot of agri tourism farms since it has just been introduced into the country and here are some of the agritourism farms in the country

Cocoa Growing farms

Cocoa farms are largely in Bundibugyo Mukono, Jinja, Kamuli Buikwe ,Masindi,Mayuge, Iganga and Kayunga districts on a small scale, its estimated that only about 15,000 farmers are involved with cocoa in Uganda. Both locals and tourists can visit cocoa farms and get to know how the cocoa is grown, the different cocoa types, how the harvesting is done and you also get to pick fresh cocoa for yourself at a cheap price.

Cattle farms

Most cattle farms in Uganda are found in the western part of the country. The cattle in this region is called Ankole Long horned cattle which is rich in history that is traced back 6,000 years. The Ankole cows are part of an ancient culture and traditions that you can discover when you visit Uganda, Ankole cattle were bred to produce longhorns and colourful skins, The longhorns protect Ankole cattle from predators such as lions Leopards.

The Pineapple Agri tourism farm.

Most pineapple farms are located in Luweero which is just 75km from the capital city of Uganda

The pineapple is a tropical and subtropical fruit grown many African countries . locally the fruit is known as enanansi .

This fruit has a unique way of being grown. Where it is grown for nine months have the 1st harvest. Tourist normally visit the area to see the way how these are propagated and how they are harvested.

Forest farming

Eucalptus trees, pine tree, Musizi are grown on a large scale in Uganda. These forests give a beautiful scenery. This attracts tourists to visit these areas. The forest covers are spread all over the country, We also have natural forests like Budongo , Mabira, Karinju forests


Fish farming

Fish farming has become one of the most lucrative businesses around Uganda. There different types of fish that can be reared and they include Tilapia and catfish. This can be done either on small scale or large scale. This fish farming is done in ponds or by putting cages in water bodies like lakes

This is another area you can visit to see in Uganda.


Coffee farms

Coffee is one of the top earning export crop in Uganda. In Uganda Robusta coffee is grown mainly. Robusta coffee is grown in the low altitudes areas of central ,Eastern Western and south eastern Uganda up to 1200 meters above sea level. Arabic coffee is also another type that is grown in the highland slopes of Mount Elgon in the east and Mt Rwenzori


Tea Farms

Uganda has 200,000 Hactares of Land earmarked as optimum for tea production in the district of Bushenyi, Hoima, Kabarole, kanungu, Kibale Kisoro, Mbarara Mityana, Nebbi Rukungiri and Wakiso only.

Uganda is the third largest tea produces in Africa. Close to 80,000 farming households are involved in the tea production, its predominantly grown crop in places of High altitude that have a chill climate all year around

Cotton Farms

Cotton is one of the traditional cash crops grown in Uganda. Its used both as an export good and as a raw material for the domestic textile and edible oil industries.

Cotton farmers were a big hit in the 1970 s but kept on reducing due to the reduced demand on international Market these farms have reduced in Uganda that’s why existing farms act as tourist sites.

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